STARTMay 2014
  • Animated Explainer Video for Map My Plan

    Map My Plan Animated Explainer

    Very soon you will be able to have a very affordable financial planning system available online 24/7 to getĀ the fastest way to where you want to be. This animated explainer is to show the conceptĀ of the
  • After Effects Templates for Budget Marketing

    Branding Animation Intro for Your YouTube Videos on Budget

    Branding videos on YouTube is important as interested viewers will come back for more and they will look for you, which is actually your brand. This is essential for building a large subscribed audience for your YouTube channel.

    One way to produce such branding animation is to hire a professional motion graphic freelancer and let him do the magic with your logos and slogans. This is great if your budget is not

  • How to brand your videos efficiently for YouTube

    Branding YouTube Videos Efficiently

    Branding is a great way to establish your identity and gain followers to your channel. All you need to do is to add a short intro animation with your slogan and company or channel logo. The shorter the intro the better. Remember, the branding intro animation is used to build your identity among other
  • Nexus 5 Red (Orange) in hand

    Slide show animation based on my Nexus 5 mobile device

    Earlier this week, I've got an idea to make an After Effects animation templates for photos and videos slide shows. I think I've got a very nice result. Sharp and elegant animation. Initially I've created a 55 seconds animation with about 30 slides but been suggested that it could be too long, so made additional shorter version of the template which is only 35 seconds with only about
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