Use this tool to estimate the cost of your project. Note that Onsite Video Service is currently available for Melbourne area only.


Branding | Explainers | Educational

Duration (in seconds)
Script Word Count (number of words)

For branding animation, estimated duration ignored!

Short branding intro/outro animation.
Website/Mobile App Demo: screen-shots/casts based & visual overlays.
Basic Product/Service Explainer: simple text and graphics animation.
Awesome Product/Service Explainer: advanced text and graphic animation.
Include Character Animation
Include Character Design
Simple: basic face emotions only.
Advanced: emotions with hands, legs, head moving etc.
Include Illustration Design
Include stock graphics, music, sound effects
Include Project Files

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Onsite Video Service (Melbourne Area)

Half Day (4 hours)
Full Day (8 hours)
Include Video Editing
Basic: trimming, transitions, color grading etc.
Advanced: motion tracking, rotoscoping, chroma key etc.
Include Animation
Basic: branding, intro, outro, watermark, lower-thirds etc
Advanced: graphic elements animation for chroma key, motion tracking etc
Basic: 1-2 Cameras (included)
Special Equipment

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