Create a video animation of your idea, product or service for you or your organization and watch it spreading all over the world in no time.


Emphasize the visual identity, reflecting your company values, products and services by making your logo alive.


Educational, how-to and tutorial  videos to supplement online and offline teaching materials, research and publications.


As a main service or as a supplemented to the rest of services. Trimming, color correction, time remapping, motion tracking, camera stabilizing, chroma keying and more.


    Use this tool to estimate the cost of your project. Note that Onsite Video Service is currently available for Melbourne area only.


    Branding | Explainers | Educational

    Duration (in seconds)
    Script Word Count (number of words)

    For branding animation, estimated duration ignored!

    Short branding intro/outro animation.
    Website/Mobile App Demo: screen-shots/casts based & visual overlays.
    Basic Product/Service Explainer: simple text and graphics animation.
    Awesome Product/Service Explainer: advanced text and graphic animation.
    Include Character Animation
    Include Character Design
    Simple: basic face emotions only.
    Advanced: emotions with hands, legs, head moving etc.
    Include Illustration Design
    Include stock graphics, music, sound effects
    Include Project Files

    * Required

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    Onsite Video Service (Melbourne Area)

    Half Day (4 hours)
    Full Day (8 hours)
    Include Video Editing
    Basic: trimming, transitions, color grading etc.
    Advanced: motion tracking, rotoscoping, chroma key etc.
    Include Animation
    Basic: branding, intro, outro, watermark, lower-thirds etc
    Advanced: graphic elements animation for chroma key, motion tracking etc
    Basic: 1-2 Cameras (included)
    Special Equipment

    * Required

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    Vitally was very impressive contractor. He went above and beyond my expectations of design producing a product that was truly better than what I expected. Another thing about him was when the contract due date date was pushed up. He stepped up to the plate and finished on time. Very impressed over all with all of the work done for me and would very much recommend him.

    - Nathan F., Lead Instructional Designer at Higher Thinking Solutions, North Carolina, USA

    Vitally is a GREAT video editer and producer. He is very easy to talk to and work with – very friendly. He also cares for the employers project – he will tell you his professional opinion as a video expert in what you should do to improve your video or presentation.

    - Chris S., Director at Leads Local - Melbourne, Australia

    Vitally did an awesome job, in a very short time, and was very responsive to me, which is something is high on my list of requirements when hiring a contractor. Will definitely hire him again.

    - Murray Izenwasser, Director at Biztegra - Florida, USA

    Hiring Vitally for one of our motion-graphics videos was a pleasure. He is easy to get on with, has good communication, a can-do attitude, great skills and his creative input and suggestions were valuable. Highly recommended and we definitely would hire again. Thanks Vitally!

    - Adrian King, Redboat - Canberra, Australia

    Awesome designer and provided great feedback that helped make the final product even better than expected. I will use Vitally again for sure. Trust me he is the one you want to pick. I have worked with several designers in the past but none as fast, diligent, and paid so much attention to detail. All I can say is A++++++++++

    - Chris Folayan, Mall For Africa - Nigeria, Africa

    Vitally is flexible and responsive, along with valuable input when requested. Will use again for similar projects.

    - Hezha Muhammad, Amabox - Finland

    I first want to say WE ARE VERY IMPRESSED WITH YOUR WORK! WOW! We all think this is going to be the first of many projects. You completely nailed it!

    - Dave Sabe, Exam Ave - Georgia, USA

    Vitally is a highly skilled technician

    - Justin Graham, Jet Interactive Pty Ltd - Sydney, Australia

    Vitally is a pro. Everything he does is close if not exactly as we direct. His skills are valuable to have for your business or visual FX needs. I would totally recommend. He always makes our deadlines.

    - James Foster, AEF Media - Mississippi, USA

    Vitally is a wonderful contractor! I will be using him many times in the future. He not only did the job i needed but went immediately to work on another job i needed done within this project. He works fast and communicates right away. Great hire!

    - Mark Ryan, Maximum Clarity Media LLC - California, USA

    Perfect job! Couldn’t ask for anything more. One of the better contractors I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Recommended.

    - Colin Pike, Invisioned Marketing - Canada

    Vitally is very professional, knows what he is doing when it comes to video editing, video production and html coding. He communicated with us often through the project and delivered on time. He even worked on our video and website after regular hours. Vitally is a true PROFESSIONAL and we highly recommend him!

    - Lamont Leamon, Lamont Buys Homes - Georgia, USA

    Vitally is a hard and good contractor – look forward to work with him again.

    - Birgit Poeltl, yoga.ZEIT - Austria

    Vitally did a great job making promotional videos for our marketing campaign. I can highly recommend him, given his knowledge, experience and creative thinking!

    - Ildar Sharafutdinov, ECOcentric Bags - Canada

    Great guy to work with. Responds fast, delivers on time, highest quality. Created a unique video for us. Highly Recommended!

    - Nimrod Santo, bOnline - California, USA

    Vitally is superb! What he does with video is nothing short of magical. He’s creative and very efficient. Once you tell him exactly what you want, he’s able to visualize it and create video art!

    - Shafondra Matthews, Poster Child Marketing - Illinois, USA

    Vitally was great to work with. If I have any more video editing that needs to be done I’ll be back to him.

    - Eamon Kissane, Total PC - Ireland

    Vitally did amazing work. Will definitely hire again.

    - Derek Mitchell, Radial Communications - Maine, USA

    Outstanding work. Exceeded expectations. The video for ClickBook was great. The animation precisely communicated the program’s capabilities without extraneous information. Thanks. When we have other video projects, we will check with Vitally first.

    - Michael Irizarry, Blue Squirrel - Utah, USA

    Vitally did a great job. Easy to communicate with and very responsive. Knows his stuff.

    - Michael Beale, Restaurant Sentry - Utah, USA

    Delivered exactly what I had envisioned and expected. Could not have asked for anything more. Recommended for any Splash video creation project.

    - Colin Pike, Invisioned Marketing - Canada

    Vitally is a great video editor and producer. He always has great ideas and I look forward to working with him again in the future!

    - Chris Sl., KS Enterprises - Melbourne, Astralia

    Vitally completely thought through the pros and cons of the video problem I had, and shared those with me. I find this to be extremely unusual, but welcome. I really appreciate this thoughtfulness as it resulted in an outstanding product with only one review cycle. I would highly recommend him and would definitely use him again.

    - Meenal Koppikar, transcribe2 - California, USA

    Vitally went above and beyond the requirements of my editing job. Project completed on time and he has always available and super fast in getting back to me. Very impressive, especially as I’m in Australia with a very different time zone. Thanks!

    - Patrick Moore, Boxout - Sydney, Australia

    As always, Vitally did a great job and was very responsive. Appreciate the work!

    - Murray Izenwasser, Director at Biztegra - Florida, USA

    Great guy. Will use Vitally again. No doubt. Always available. Great english. Thanks a lot Vitally. The animation of my company logo was superb.

    - Garrett Nolan, TrendSet Decor - Ireland

    About Me



      Motion Graphics Designer

     - Vitally Zilber My current time: Wed, 24; 03:03am

    For over a decade I was filming and editing videos for my friends, family and myself. A few years ago I’ve decided to expand my knowledge in video post production and step into a commercial career. To achieve this challenging goal I started to learn animation which still keeps me fascinated.

    Since then using my new but constantly improving skills I’ve created lots of creative works such as logo animations, promotion and demonstration videos, product and service introduction videos, documentary films, full featured films, wedding videos, highlights videos and more.  My video editing become more unique and entertaining due to the video animation abilities.

    Most of my works are created with Adobe tools such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver and more. I enjoy every moment working with these great tools and constantly learn new techniques and possibilities in post production world.


    STARTMay 2014
    • Animated Explainer Video for Map My Plan

      Map My Plan Animated Explainer

      Very soon you will be able to have a very affordable financial planning system available online 24/7 to get the fastest way to where you want to be. This animated explainer is to show the concept of the
    • After Effects Templates for Budget Marketing

      Branding Animation Intro for Your YouTube Videos on Budget

      Branding videos on YouTube is important as interested viewers will come back for more and they will look for you, which is actually your brand. This is essential for building a large subscribed audience for your YouTube channel.

      One way to produce such branding animation is to hire a professional motion graphic freelancer and let him do the magic with your logos and slogans. This is great if your budget is not

    • How to brand your videos efficiently for YouTube

      Branding YouTube Videos Efficiently

      Branding is a great way to establish your identity and gain followers to your channel. All you need to do is to add a short intro animation with your slogan and company or channel logo. The shorter the intro the better. Remember, the branding intro animation is used to build your identity among other
    • Nexus 5 Red (Orange) in hand

      Slide show animation based on my Nexus 5 mobile device

      Earlier this week, I've got an idea to make an After Effects animation templates for photos and videos slide shows. I think I've got a very nice result. Sharp and elegant animation. Initially I've created a 55 seconds animation with about 30 slides but been suggested that it could be too long, so made additional shorter version of the template which is only 35 seconds with only about
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    Location: Melbourne area, Victoria, Australia
    Phone: +61 43464 1458
    Skype:  - Vitally Zilber